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Our Story: From Humble Beginnings to Educational Innovation

Building the Future of Education: Camille's Academy's Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Camille's Academy has ambitious goals! We aim to be a model school not just in Guyana, but across the Caribbean. Our dedicated team is constantly improving to offer exceptional education for all students. Their journey, from a humble beginning to a leader in education, shows their commitment to quality, innovation, and shaping the future of education in Guyana.



Years of foundation


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More Than Just Textbooks: Cultivating Well-Rounded Individuals

We believe in going beyond just academics. At Camille's Academy, Ms. Deokie emphasizes fostering ethnic and religious diversity, as well as a strong sense of family within our schools. This holistic approach aims to develop well-rounded, disciplined individuals with strong moral values. We actively promote extracurricular activities, as evident in the Caribbean AI for Education Conference, where we hosted a two-day event for educators and students about how they navigate the 4th Industrial Revolution using Artificial Intelligence (AI), and participation in the Fitness Expo.

A Vision for the Future: A Model School and Beyond

Our vision at Camille's Academy extends far beyond our current success. We're committed to continuous improvement and aspire to become a model school not only in Guyana, but across the Caribbean region. Recognizing the importance of professional guidance, Ms. Deokie partnered with a business coach. This collaboration focuses on streamlining operations, implementing strategic planning, and working towards ISO certification. This dedication to excellence positions Camille's Academy to be the first ISO-compliant school in Guyana.

Camille's Academy's journey from a simple garage classroom to a leading educational institution is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality education, adaptability, and innovation. With a focus on well-rounded individuals and a clear vision for the future, Camille's Academy is poised to continue shaping the educational landscape in Guyana for years to come.

Our goal is to develop students who are academically excellent, creative, courageous, and respectful.