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Our Afterschool Programs

Enriching Afterschool Programs for All Ages

Our Afterschool Programs provide a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment for students to continue learning and growing beyond the regular school day. These programs are designed to enhance academic performance, promote personal development, and offer creative expression and physical activity opportunities.

Program Highlights
Homework Help

Dedicated time and support for students to complete their homework with assistance from qualified teachers and tutors.

Academic Enrichment

Engaging activities and projects that reinforce and extend classroom learning in subjects like Math, Science, and Language Arts.

Arts and Crafts

Creative workshops where students can explore various forms of art, including painting, drawing, and crafting.

Sports and Recreation

Physical activities and sports programs that promote fitness, teamwork, and healthy lifestyles.

Music and Dance

Opportunities for students to learn and practice musical instruments, sing in choirs, or participate in dance classes.

Life Skills

Practical lessons in skills such as cooking, financial literacy, and time management to prepare students for everyday challenges.

Social Development

Activities that foster social skills, leadership, and community service, helping students build confidence and a sense of responsibility.

Special Interest Clubs

Various clubs catering to different interests, such as chess, drama, coding, and environmental awareness.

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